Teach by Example

Show your excitement and love of the games to your students. Try to improve their skills, while at the same time learning from them to help your coaching ability. Ask … Continue →

Prepare for Year-Round Competition

It may sound ridiculous, but worksheets and reading materials done over the summer and in between local and national competition give willing students an edge over those who compete but … Continue →

Require Attendance

Improvement in anything comes from practice and participation. Players who show up consistently get better, and those who don’t attend practices don’t get better. A good student who does not … Continue →

Preach Pacing

Young and old alike can be impatient. Kids who think they know it all want to start out with the more complicated material. They may get burnt out on learning … Continue →

Emphasize Personal Records

Beginners may feel left in the dust when playing with advanced opponents, so make sure that your students set goals for themselves and focus on their own scores and not … Continue →

Reward Improvement

Younger students, especially, need encouragement to feel welcome and accepted. Recognizing even simple accomplishments, like improving a Propaganda or Presidents score or solving a really difficult Goal in Equations, can … Continue →

Start Slowly but Surely

Even high school students can be completely unaware of the many rules of On-Sets, Equations, and LinguiSHTIK, so reviewing the basic rules first can be beneficial to advanced players and … Continue →

Open Up Your Program

Be inclusive to anyone who wants to play. Limiting the number of students who can play for a school may sometimes be necessary for league play. On the other hand, … Continue →