Let Players Teach You

Every one of the academic games is open-ended in the sense that no one can master every fact or strategy. So even the most experienced coach must not pose as … Continue →

Treat All the Same, Only Different

Any team needs rules that are uniformly enforced. In that sense, all players should be treated the same. However, any good coach establishes a unique relationship with each player. One-on-one, … Continue →

Teach by Example

Show your excitement and love of the games to your students. Try to improve their skills, while at the same time learning from them to help your coaching ability. Ask … Continue →

Prepare for Year-Round Competition

It may sound ridiculous, but worksheets and reading materials done over the summer and in between local and national competition give willing students an edge over those who compete but … Continue →

Require Attendance

Improvement in anything comes from practice and participation. Players who show up consistently get better, and those who don’t attend practices don’t get better. A good student who does not … Continue →