Expanded Minds and Hearts

A total of 1,081 Academic Games players, coaches, and parents visited the Knoxville Convention Center and five surrounding hotels, April 25-28, 2014, to challenge each other at the Academic Games Leagues of America National Tournament. Traditional teams zoomed in from Michigan, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Louisiana, North Carolina, Colorado, and Florida to enjoy a fun-filled, challenging, four-day experience. A group of players from Philadelphia joined us for the first time. Everyone faced extreme competition from one another and also enjoyed many life-changing experiences. Many former players and a few former coaches made the weekend a special reunion.

Competition was held in the traditional four divisions: Elementary (grades 6 and below), Middle (8 and below), Junior (10 and below), and Senior (12 and below). Six different tournaments were conducted in each division: EQUATIONS and ON-SETS in Mathematics; LINGUISHTIK and PROPAGANDA in Language Arts; WORLD EVENTS and PRESIDENTS in Social Studies. WFF’N PROOF was also played by a few select teams from Michigan. Most players focused on their own areas of expertise. A few adventurous players and teams attempted to play all seven games. Sweepstakes players stayed together as a team for at least four games.

The Academic Games matches stretched the minds and hearts of the players. All learned new mathematical strategies or were enlightened by techniques of persuasion or created sentences with expanded vocabularies or became more knowledgeable about the history surrounding our national leaders or displayed a thorough knowledge of current events or the American Revolution. Every player learned how to deal with the emotions of victory and defeat. Each became a better person.

Quality of play continued at the highest level. Incredibly, at the 49th renewal of the annual national tournament, new strategies were deployed, and new knowledge was discovered. The 2014 AGLOA National Tournament crowned champions and honored players, coaches, and teams. More importantly, the event promoted character, integrity, and excellence. Academic Games inspired another generation of players.


The Academic Games Leagues of America (AGLOA) will celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Academic Games National Tournament at the DoubleTree by Hilton in Orlando, Florida.

In addition to the traditional set of competitive matches in four different divisions, a series of special events will be held. Concerted efforts are underway to connect with as many Academic Games alumni as possible, encouraging them to tell their Academic Games stories and to relate how Academic Games has affected their lives. Former players span the decades of the 1960’s through the 2010’s. Many of them still have vivid, positive memories of Academic Games. The history of Academic Games will be captured in written, photographic, and videographic formats.

There are so many cool stories to tell that all will be amazed. You will not want to miss the 50th Celebration. All alumni are invited to make some time to visit Nationals in 2015.

Nationals Elementary/Middle Propaganda Example from Section A

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Senior Sweepstakes Champions
#Bubbly Bobbly, Ann Arbor MI

Sweepstakes Champions
Return of the Rascals, Jefferson Parish LA

Middle Sweepstakes Champions
The Beautiful Bunch, Ann Arbor MI

Elementary Sweepstakes Champions
Time Square, Northville MI