Down Memory Lane – LinguiSHTIK

The first set of LinguiSHTIK Tournament Rules were developed in 1974 for a local tournament. They eventually formed the basis for the national rules.

Here are some excerpts from those original LinguiSHTIK rules.

  • General Demands may not involve grammar and must relate only to the word to be formed. Examples:
    a) The word to be formed must have exactly six letters (ten is the limit).
    b) The word to be formed must contain the letter E (or must not contain E).
    c) All P’s may be used as Q’s (or all P’s must be used as Q’s).
    d) The word to be formed must contain a double consonant (double vowel).
    e) All Z’s are wild; that is, they may be used for any letter whatsoever.
    f) All yellow cubes are wild.

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