Inspiring Florida Experience

Picture of Senior Sweepstakes Champions Picture of Junior Sweepstakes Champions

About 1,000 Academic Games players, coaches, and parents visited Kissimmee FL April 29-May 2, 2011, to challenge each other at the Academic Games National Tournament. Folks zoomed in from Michigan, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Louisiana, Georgia, North Carolina, Massachusetts, Florida, and Taiwan to enjoy a fun-filled, challenging four-day experience. Visitors came from Virginia, California, and Colorado to enjoy and learn. They faced extreme competition from one another and also enjoyed many life-changing experiences. Groups enjoyed many side trips in the area.

Major highlights of the Tournament were visits from several former National champions, including some of the Hall of Fame teammates from the early 1970?s. The alumni presence was inspiring to the current players and coaches.

Picture of Middle Sweepstakes Champions Picture of Elementary Sweepstakes Champions

Competition was held in the traditional four Divisions:

  • Elementary (grades 6 and below)
  • Middle (8 and below)
  • Junior (10 and below)
  • Senior (12 and below).

Six different tournaments were conducted in each Division:

  • EQUATIONS and ON-SETS in mathematics
  • LINGUISHTIK and PROPAGANDA in Language Arts
  • WORLD EVENTS and PRESIDENTS in Social Studies

Most players focused on their own areas of expertise. A few adventurous players and teams attempted to play all six games. Sweepstakes players stayed together as a team for at least four of the games.

The Academic Games matches stretched the minds and hearts of the players. All learned new mathematical strategies or were enlightened by techniques of propaganda or created writings with expanded vocabulary or became more knowledgeable about the history surrounding our national leaders or displayed a thorough knowledge of current events or the history of Australia. Every player learned how to deal with the emotions of victory and defeat. Each became a better person.

Quality of play continued at the highest level. Incredibly, at the 46th renewal of the annual National Tournament, new strategies were deployed, and new knowledge was discovered. The 2011 Academic Games National Tournament crowned champions and honored players, coaches, and teams. More importantly, the event promoted character and integrity and inspired a new generation of players.

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