Solutions 2012

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Elementary Division (295 players)

World Events Champions
The Wise 1s of the Globe
Palm Beach County, FL
On-Sets Champions
F + L Intersect GC
IU4 League, PA
Propaganda Champions
Kamikaze Kupkakes
New Orleans, LA
LinguiSHTIK Champions
Indian River Linglettes
Indian River County, FL
Presidents Champions
Mecklenburg Area, NC

Here’s the Section A example used in the Elementary Division individual Propagandaplayoff at Nationals.

The Red Sox didn’t make the playoffs for two reasons: Manager Terry Francona and Manager Terry Francona.

Answer on page 4.

Here’s the 6-point clue from one of the Elementary/Middle Division Presidents questions at Nationals. The range is #1-12.

I was the last signer of the U.S. Consti­tution to die. The Treaty of Ghent was signed during my second term as president. I supported the Second National Bank of the U.S. The bank’s new charter lasted twenty years.

Answer on page 4.

Sweepstakes Champion
Jackson Bourgeois
New Orleans, LA

Propaganda Champion
Eli Karp
New Orleans, LA

World Events Champion
Sahiba Baveja
Palm Beach County, FL

Presidents Champion
Sydney Roux
Mecklenburg Area, NC


Elementary Perfect Scores
Equations Timothy Wu, Northville MI
Suraj Zaveri, Jefferson Parish LA
Randall Skylar, Jefferson Parish LA
Kern Chepeha, Ann Arbor MI
Ethan Cohen, Ann Arbor MI
Tony Bai, Ann Arbor MI
Ryan Stelitano, Seneca Valley PA
Gary Wu, Palm Beach County FL
Sam Chen, Palm Beach County FL
Matthew Salem, IU4 PA
Trevor Wood, IU4 PA
Jackson Bourgeois, New Orleans LA
On-Sets Milan Mardia, Jefferson Parish LA
Kern Chepeha, Ann Arbor MI
Alex Garcia, Seneca Valley PA
Eli Karp, New Orleans LA
LinguiSHTIK Ethan Cohen, Ann Arbor MI
Justin Lee, Ann Arbor MI
Madison Torrent, Indian River FL
Megan Denson, Indian River FL
Timmy Porter, IU4 PA
Bryce Tayengco, RESA II WV

Equations Champions
Palm Beach County, FL

Elementary Sweepstakes Winners 2012
1. Kamikaze Kupkakes
    New Orleans, LA
Jackson Bourgeois
Eli Karp
Nicholas Atencio
Nate Stewart
Ashley Woods
2. Sushi^2
    Ann Arbor, MI
Justin Lee
Andrew Redding
James Riddell
Eileen Shiau
Grace Zheng
3. Hungry Gamers
    Jefferson Parish, LA
Hassan Al-Hassani
Keanu Bartolome
Jacob Edwards
Justin Gleason
Taylor Tarleton

Most Creative Team Name in Elementary:
We Vowel to Win, (Jefferson Parish, LA)

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