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Zachery Asbury with Phyllis Doty
Zackery Asbury
Logan County WV

with Phyllis Doty

Isaac Rodriguez with Kira Schuette
Isaac Rodriguez
Jefferson Parish LA
with Kira Schuette

2011 Outstanding Seniors

Each year at the Academic Games National Tournament, AGLOA honors outstanding seniors who have been excellent players and who have contributed in special ways beyond themselves to their own local Academic Games teams and programs. Potential Outstanding Seniors are nominated by their local coaches and programs.

In 2011, AGLOA named six incredible seniors to receive the awards. Each of them won championships as a player. More importantly, each of them spent significant extra time with their own teammates and with younger players in their school, district, or league. In some cases, their teams continued to exist as a result of their efforts. All of them live their belief that individual success results from group accomplishment. They are to be honored for their contributions and their character.

Each will be highlighted in more detail in the monthly AGazines on the website.

Rebecca and Laura Shute with Kelly McNeil-Korba and Tracy McCool
Rebecca and Laura Shute
Beaver Area PA
with Kelly McNeil-Korba and Tracy McCool

Eryn Howard with Adrian Prather
Eryn Howard
Forsyth County GA
with Adrian Prather

Shandi Stoner with Toni Schooley
Shandi Stoner
Laurel PA
with Toni Schooley

Linda Camlin with Lisa Reinhart
Linda Camlin
Jamestown PA
with Lisa Reinhart

Pat Houchens with Nancy Kinard
Pat Houchens
Broward County FL
with Nancy Kinard

2011 Outstanding Educators

Each year at the Academic Games National Tournament, AGLOA honors outstanding educators who have been the heart and soul of their own local Academic Games programs. They recruit and train players, educate them in subject matter, inspire them to exceed their own expectations, encourage them to handle challenges, and manage the administration of their programs. The best of them do these things in an exceptional manner. Potential Outstanding Educators are nominated by their own players or fellow coaches.

In 2011, AGLOA named four incredible Educators to receive the award. Each has coached championship teams or players. More importantly, all have spent significant extra time developing coaching techniques and materials that contributed to their programs. Each has set a standard of excellence that can be emulated by other Academic Games teacher-coaches. Each has shown that heart and courage are essential ingredients in success.

Each will be highlighted in more detail in the monthly AGazines on the website.

Outstanding Educators Create Exceptional Citizens

Exceptional leaders produce exceptional followers. Inspirational, caring teachers produce students and adults of character and integrity. AGLOA has been blessed with teacher-coaches and leaders who are exceptional, inspirational, and caring. Over the past 45 years, 170 of them have been honored as Outstanding Academic Games Educators. Of the 170, twenty-seven have been elevated to the Academic Games Hall of Fame as a result of their string of victories.

What makes these educators outstanding? What makes them exceptional leaders? Why do their players become incredible adults.

Ken Dowling with Ellen Bredeweg
Ken Dowling
Palm Beach County FL
with Ellen Bredeweg

Jeff McNeish with Madge Tamber
Jeff McNeish
Mohawk PA
with Madge Tamber

  • They KNOW what they are expected to teach. They have prepared themselves and are experts in their field.
  • They TEACH with skill. They use many methods and techniques. They make their instruction lively and current and meaningful for their students.
  • They CHALLENGE players to do their absolute best. They are not willing to settle for mediocrity. They challenge their players to reach their own peaks of excellence.
  • They INSPIRE. They paint mental pictures of what can be and then encourage their players to push themselves to achieve.
  • They MODEL for their players. They challenge themselves and always act with character, honesty, and integrity. Everyone wants to follow a leader with those attributes.
  • They LOVE their players. Everyone needs acceptance and unconditional caring. For sure, they discipline and demand, for that is part of loving.
  • They ORGANIZE. They prepare materials, schedule practices, arrange transportation, and do all the little things that make the whole work. Without the little things being done, the big results never occur.
  • They ADMINISTER. Events do not just happen. Without League administrators and teacher/coaches who assist in producing forms, obtaining sites for tournaments, setting schedules, generating and distributing results, there would be no competitions.

The four 2011 Academic Games Outstanding Educators represent the previous 166 honorees by exhibiting these qualities. Their players have been blessed by their leadership. Their players have been inspired to emulate them. Their inspired players will become our future. Aren’t we fortunate!

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