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Elementary Division
Elementary LinguiSHTIK Champions
LinguiSHTIK Champions
IR Gold, Indian River County FL

Elementary Propaganda Champions
Propaganda Champions
MACSIMUM Power, Mecklenburg Area NC

Elementary Equations and On-Sets Champions
Equations and On-Sets Champions
The Rug Rats, Ann Arbor MI

Elementary World Events Champions
World Events Champions
Demented Dingoes, Palm Beach County FL

Elementary Presidents Champions
Presidents Champions
MACS Dream Team, Mecklinburg Area NC

Elementary Sweepstakes Champion
Sweeps Champion
Justin Shim,
Ann Arbor MI

Elementary Propaganda Champion
Propaganda Champion
Melanie Vandenberg
Mecklenburg Area NC

Equations Perfect 24s
Alexis CurryWilliam, Plymouth Educ. Center MI
Daniel Popp, Seneca Valley PA
Abbas Merchant, Mount Lebanon PA
Zachary Wright, Indian River County FL
Richard Zhao, Grace Li, and Jessica Chen,
Ann Arbor MI
Eli Karp and Caroline Cannon, New Orleans LA
Jacqueline Chen and Preetha Anbu,
Palm Beach County FL
Joseph Faber and Brandon Williams, IU4 PA
Ronak Bhagia, Mecklenburg Area NC

On-Sets Perfect 24s
Alexis CurryWilliam,
Plymouth Education Center MI
Richard Zhao, Jesse Cheng, and
Livia Belman-Wells, Ann Arbor MI

Elementary Presidents Champion
Presidents Champion
Troy Smith,
Mecklenburg Area NC

Elementary World Events Champion
World Events Champion
T.J. Cooper,
Broward County FL

LinguiSHTIK Perfect 24s
Emily Winterhalter, Seneca Valley PA
Emily Scanlan, Seneca Valley PA
Otis Smith, Mount Lebanon PA
Katelyn Wahl, Indian River County FL
Michael Pedersen, Indian River County FL
Matt McGarry, Indian River County FL
Tate Iverson, Indian River County FL
Grace Li, Ann Arbor MI
Ji Ho Hyun, Ann Arbor MI
Stefan Wan, Palm Beach County FL
Himani Gubbi, Palm Beach County FL
Brandon Williams, IU4 PA
Hanna Drozynski, IU4 PA

Elementary Sweepstakes Winners 2011
1. The Rug Rats
    Ann Arbor MI
Oliver Barron
Livia Belman-Wells
Miela Foster
Ji Ho Hyun
Justin Shim
2. A+=@
    Ann Arbor MI
Jessica Chen
Jesse Cheng
Grace Li
Mira Shetty
Richard Zhao
3. Fearsome Five
    St. Bernard Parish LA
Ahmad Alkurd
Aroosa Cheema
Bryce Ducote
Kenny Nguyen
Dane Keirsey

Here's an example from El/Mid Propaganda Section C.

I really like our new Senator, Allen West. He comes right out and tells you what he thinks. He looks you right in the eye and doesn’t back down to those who disagree with him. Allen West is going to be a great leader.

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