Expanded Minds and Hearts
The 2015 Academic Games National Tournament and 50th Anniversary celebration in Orlando was an in­credible experience for everyone. Players and coaches prepared mightily for the competitions, administrators and volunteers worked feverishly, some months in ad­vance, to make sure that everything went smoothly. Many peo­ple began the preparation for those five days in Orlando more than a year ago.

Having alumni around us - some were in their 60's - brought back positive and touching memories that had lain dormant for decades. Having Layman Allen, the cre­ator of Wff N' Proof, Equations, and On-Sets, present to talk with, take pictures with, and shake hands with was priceless. We all became closer as competitors, but also as members of a big academic games family.

Hearing the testimony of Sal Khan, the founder the in­ternationally famous Kahn Academy web site, put it all in perspective. When he was in 5th grade, he started play­ing academic games and continued through high school. When his dream of providing a world class ed­ucation for anyone in the world absolutely free began to have a glimmer of being a reality, Sal turned imme­diately to his former teammates and opponents in ac­ademic games to form his new com­pany, which cur­rently provides over 65,000 learning modules on You­Tube. Who will be the next former academic games player to shake the world?

In education,
R. Lawrence (Larry) Liss
For the AGLOA Board of Directors

Games Played at the AGLOA Tournament

Equations and On-Sets
Language Arts
Propaganda and LinguiSHTIK
Social Studies
Presidents and World Events

Equations, On-Sets, and LinguiSHTIK are cube games played with a game kit.
Propaganda, Presidents, and World Events are reading games.
Throughout these pages, we will list sample questions from the three reading games.

Nationals Elementary/Middle Propaganda Example from Section B

Radio ad: "Get rock bottom prices on classic rock CDs at Blacky's Audio World."

Senior Sweepstakes Champions

Zeller's Zealous Fans
, Jefferson Parish LA

Junior Sweepstakes Champions

Go Bold or Go Home!, Ann Arbor MI

Middle Sweepstakes Champions
Saltwater Gate Scandal, St. Lawrence MI

Elementary Sweepstakes Champions

A Bunch of Baby Ducks, St. Lawrence MI