Wonderful Time in West Virginia
More than 1,200 participants — including players, coaches, volunteers and parents — took part in the 52nd Academic Games national tournament from April 28 through May 1, 2017 in scenic Wheeling, West Virginia, at the Oglebay Resort & Conference Center.

It was our seventh visit to Oglebay and, as always, we en­joyed the welcoming outdoor atmosphere as well as friends, colleagues and new challenges. Beyond the games, there were opportunities to make new acquaintances, explore the resort and participate in many outdoor activities.

Through four days of competition, we had a wonderful time sharing ideas, building new relationships and striving for excellence. Students worked their hardest to try to realize their varying levels of goals: from earning a perfect score, to being awarded an individual medal or the ultimate prize, a gold Thinker.

During the opening ceremony, we took a moment to recog­nize and remember one of the founders of AGLOA, Larry Liss, who passed away in December. He set the tone for our first 51 tournaments, extolling the virtues of excellence, character and integrity. He instilled in all of us the impor­tance of playing fairly and building relationships over simply winning championships.

We'll never forget Larry’s impact on Academic Games and on us.

The quality of play was excellent, as always. Students com­peted at four levels: Elementary (6th grade and below), Middle (7th and 8th grade), Junior (9th and 10th grade) and Senior (11th and 12th grade) and had some excellent strategies.

Beyond the winners, many students had the opportunity to see some of the best Academic Games players and to learn new strategies to help them prepare for next year.

At the awards programs, we honored seven Outstanding Seniors, and we wish them well in their post-Academic Games endeavors. We also saluted four Outstanding Educators for their contributions.

It was another memorable national tournament and we look forward to seeing everyone in Knoxville for next year’s Nationals.

Rod Beard
AGLOA Tournament Director
For the AGLOA Board and Tournament Council
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This German car company agreed in June to pay $14.7 billion to settle claims that many of its diesel vehicles from 2009-2015 cheated emissions testing. Which company agreed to settle these emissions testing claims?  
B. Fiat Chrysler
C. General Motors
D. Volkswagen

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