Fun in the Sun in Orlando
The 54th annual Academic Games Leagues of America National Tournament welcomed more than 1,300 participants — including players, coaches, volunteers and parents — from April 26th through 29th at the beautiful Wyndham Orlando Resort International Drive.
In our ninth visit to sunny Orlando, students enjoyed an awe-inspiring weekend of competition, challenges and creativity. They were able to test their knowledge in the seven academic games and to make new friends and participate in many social activities around the flourishing International Drive area.
During the tournament's four days, we had excellent competition and camaraderie that continued to build students of character, integrity and excellence. Students worked hard and while some realized their dreams in victory, others learned from their losses and earned valuable experience to return next year.
As we experience at every national tournament, the quality of competition and friendliness was excellent. Students competed at four levels: Elementary (6th grade and below), Middle (8th grade and below), Junior (10th grade and below) and Senior (12th grade and below). They exhibited some excellent strategies and challenged themselves, their opponents and their coaches and judges to help raise their levels.
At the awards ceremony, we came together in a combined program to celebrate all of our winners and to honor three Outstanding Seniors. We wish them well in their post-Academic Games endeavors and look forward to them returning as coaches or helping in their individual areas. We also saluted two Outstanding Educators for their worthwhile contributions to the Academic Games community.
After another memorable national tournament, we look forward to seeing everyone at the Atlanta Marriott Marquis for the 2020 tournament.
Rod Beard
AGLOA Executive Director
For the AGLOA Board and Tournament Council

Nationals Elem/Middle Propaganda Example
Section C
Ad for Zimmer’s Restaurant: "We believe in slow cooking our hams to soak in the maximum flavor. After all, slow and steady wins the race."

Nationals Jr/Sr Presidents Question
Range: 11-21
(6 points) My father was a tanner by trade, and I was often called on to work in the tannery, a job I detested. The blood-soaked hides made me gag. But as a skilled horse-handler, I gladly helped haul wood, plow fields, and reap the harvest. I became a slaveholder through my marriage. My wife’s family owned a plantation outside of St. Louis. My family so hated the practice of slavery that they refused to attend my wedding.

Senior Sweepstakes Champions

Birdbox Refs Plant Tulips
Jefferson Parish, LA

Junior Sweepstakes Champions

Keep {[(Think)Er]Ing}
Jefferson Parish, LA

Middle Sweepstakes Champions

Don't be Haydn
Ann Arbor, MI

Elementary Sweepstakes Champions

Panic! at the Tournament
St. Lawrence, MI