Matthew Dowling
New Orleans, LA

John McCabe
Palm Beach County, FL

Suraj Zaveri
Jefferson Parish, LA

2019 Outstanding Seniors
Three seniors were honored in Orlando not only for their successful careers as players but also for their contributions to their team's and league's programs.
  • Matthew Dowling literally wrote a book about the presidents while excelling at all the games. He served as assistant coach for a local Elementary/Middle team for four years.
  • In addition to being a national sweepstakes champion, John McCabe organized and ran four-day Academic Games summer camps the past two years.
  • A member of three national sweepstakes champion teams, Suraj Zaveri shared his expertise with students across all grade levels in his league.

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2019 Outstanding Educators
Outstanding Academic Games coaches have been honored for over 40 years for their major contributions in their own district programs, plus their efforts at the national tournament.
  • Sandi Carothers brought excitement and new life to an already established program. When that school closed, she and a colleague established a successful program at their new school.
  • Under Maggie Grindstaff's leadership, the Academic Games team at her school has flourished. Starting with 15 members the first year, the team has grown to 75 this past year.

Each Outstanding Educator will be highlighted in more detail in the bimonthly AGazines at

El/Mid Current Events question at 2019 Nationals:
Science, Space, & Medicine
Scientists have observed the most distant star ever seen using the powerful Hubble Telescope. It is 9 billion light years away from Earth and more than half way across the universe. What is the nickname of this enormous blue star?
  1. Oceana
  2. Blue Diamond
  3. Icarus
  4. Stardust
Propaganda Sections for 2019-20 in all divisions:
A, B, C, F

Sandi Carothers

Detroit, MI

Maggie Grindstaff
Jefferson Parish, LA

Answer to El/Mid Propaganda Section C example on p. 1:

9 Sophistical Formula
Answer to Jr/Sr Presidents #11-21 question on p. 1:

#18 Ulysses S. Grant
Answer to Jr/Sr Current Events question on p. 6:
A Ebola