2011 Middle Division Champions

LinguiSHTIK and On-Sets Middle Champions
LinguiSHTIK and On-Sets Champions
The Awesome People’s Team, Ann Arbor MI

Middle Propaganda Champions
Propaganda Champions
CBS Falcons, New Orleans LA

Middle Equations Champions
Equations Champioms
Spaz with a pen, Grand Rapids MI

Middle World Events Champions
World Events Champions
We Know Where Waldo is, Palm Beach County FL

Middle Presidents Champions
Presidents Champs
MACS Dream Team, Mecklinburg Area NC
Middle Sweepstakes Champion
Sweepstakes and Equations Champion
Luke Cheng,
Ann Arbor MI

Middle Equations Champion
Equations Champion
Gabrielle Maldonado,
St. Bernard Parish LA

Middle Propaganda Champion
Propaganda Champion
Devin Dikec,
Beaver Area PA

Middle LinguiSHTIK Champion

Shwetha Rajaram,
Ann Arbor MI


Middle Presidents Champion
Presidents Champ
Miles McGuire,
New Orleans LA


Middle World Events Champion
World Events Champ
Charlie Bowers,
Beaver Area PA

Middle Sweepstakes Winners 2011
1. The Awesome People’s Team
Ann Arbor MI
Claire Fishman
Shalini Lakshmanan
Shreya Menon
Shwetha Rajaram
Susanne Sheng
2. Jackson Squared
New Orleans LA
Mitzi Zitler
Tania Wilson
Miles McGuire
Josephine Lavoie
Callan McGuire
3. Spaz with a pen
Grand Rapids MI
Jacob Bonkema-Bek
Jack Culp
Trey Moore
Dan Sherphorn
Ian Wesolowski

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