Games Played

In Academic Games, students try to outthink each other in the areas of mathematics, language arts, and social studies. They are two major classifications of the academic games.

Resource Allocation (Cube) Games

Four of the competitions require players to use game kits made by the Accelerated Learning Foundation. You may click the links below to find out more about each academic game.

In these competitions, a player competes against one or two other students. The complexity of the games is shaped by moves that each person makes. Players must make strategic moves to try to outwit their opponents at each turn. The basic rules are the same throughout all divisions, but the knowledge level required at the high school level is considerably more difficult than for the Elementary Division players.

Reading Games

These tournaments require players to respond to questions or clues that are read aloud to all competitors. A player’s expertise in the game’s subject matter is tested but so is their confidence level in their responses. Students must develop strategies involving when to answer and how much to wager per response.

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