Exclamatory Sentences

(For CLASSIC LINGUISHTIK only) Any sentence that has an “!” at the end is considered exclamatory. Interjections* are punctuated in one of two ways: there must be an “!” either … Continue →

The First Shake

The best players know how to impact the pace of a match, as well as the outcome. For example, many players don’t realize the first shake is the most important … Continue →

Presidents Tips

An excellent way to summarize information about the presidents is to apply a category to all the Chief Executives in a certain range. Examples Presidents who served in the U.S. … Continue →

Propaganda Tips

Comments on the four sections to be played at the upcoming national tournament in Wheeling, WV. Section A Prejudice vs Tabloid Thinking Prejudice: Action for/against the object of the prejudice … Continue →

Play to Win – II

Last month’s Coaches Tip discussed aggressive play in reading games. Now we consider cube games. Equations and On-Sets Use the timer on every other player’s turn and especially when opponents … Continue →