Contact with Players Before Rounds

Most football coaches try to say something to each player during pregame warm-ups. Academic Games coaches can apply that same approach.

  • After arriving at the competition site, try to say something to each player before the first round begins.
  • Depending on the player, it might be a simple “Good luck!” or “Go get ’em.” or “You’re gonna do it.”
  • It’s not important what you say but that you say something positive. The purpose is to calm them and give a small shot of confidence.
  • You can gauge the emotional state of each player when you speak to them and adjust as needed, giving advice tailored to the particular player.
  • To one you might say, “Take your time and play/answer carefully.”
  • To another you might say, “Listen to the second reading before you answer.”
  • A pat on the back or a touch of the shoulder can accompany the words.

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