Member Leagues

AGLOA actively seeks to expand Academic Games to new areas. Leagues in each of the following areas sponsor competitions throughout the year in various games.



Currently, there is one league run out of Longmont, Colorado.

League Name Contact Person(s)
St. Vrain (Est. 2001) Glenna Alexander, Primary Gifted & Talented Coordinator
Karen Kruse, Head Coach



There are four Academic Games leagues in Florida. Each March, the top players from the Florida leagues meet in the Battle at the Beach.

League Name Contact Person(s)
Indian River Academic Games League (Est. 1982) Lorrie Scott, County Coordinator
Martin Academic Games League (Est. 1969) Arian Dineen, Coordinator
Palm Beach Academic Games League (Est. 1973) Ellen Bredeweg, Coordinator



Currently, there is one league run out of Cumming, Georgia.

League Name Contact Person(s)
Forsyth County League of Academic Games (Est. 2004) Adrian Prather, Head Coach



There are three Academic Games leagues in Louisiana, all near the New Orleans metropolitan area. Students from each of the three leagues are invited to the Louisiana Academic Games Invitational, held before each AGLOA National Tournament.

League Name Contact Person(s)
Jefferson Parish Academic Games League (Est. 1975) Lana Andrews, Elementary Coordinator
Ashton LeBourgeois, Secondary Coordinator
New Orleans Academic Games League (Est. 1967) Brother Neal Golden, Director
St. Bernard Parish Academic Games League (Est. 1993) Melinda Hall, St. Bernard Parish School System



All member schools in the state of Michigan participate in the Michigan League of Academic Games.

League Name Contact Person(s)
Michigan League of Academic Games (Est. 1974) Pam Champagne, Executive Director


North Carolina

There are two Academic Games leagues in North Carolina centered in Charlotte.

League Name Contact Person(s)
Mecklenburg Area Christian Schools (MACS) League Allana-Rae Ramkissoon, Principal of Our Lady of Assumption
Char-Meck Academic Games League Shruti Arora



There are three Academic Games leagues in Pennsylvania.

League Name Contact Person(s)
Beaver County Academic Games League Krista Braymer, Tournament Council Representative
Midwestern Intermediate Unit IV Academic Games League (Est. 1972) Heather Fry, Tournament Council Representative
Western Pennsylvania Academic Games League (Est. 1966) Michael Phillips, President


West Virginia

There are five Academic Games leagues in West Virginia.

League Name Contact Person(s)
RESA II / Logan County Academic Games League (Est. 1987) Karen Arms
Brenda Saunders
Phyllis Doty
Eastern Panhandle Academic Games League  
Hancock County Schools (participates in WPAGL)  
Harrison Academic Games League  

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