Hall of Fame

Hall of Fame Committee:

Rod Beard, Br. Neal Golden, Nancy Kinard, Eric Nelson (Head Recordkeeper), Adrian Prather, Mike Steigerwald, Craig Zeller

Admission Procedure:

After the results of each AGLOA National Tournament have been recorded by the head recordkeeper, the recordkeeper will forward any players, coaches, or teams that meet the criteria for consideration to the committee. At this point, committee members can nominate other players, coaches, or teams that have not been previously considered. The committee will then vote on each nominee in May. A simple majority is required for admission. An announcement of new Hall of Fame inductees will be made in June.

Individuals voted into the Hall of Fame by the committee will be inducted after the AGLOA National Tournament of the year in which they graduate from high school. Coaches and teams voted on by the committee will be inducted into the Hall of Fame after the AGLOA National Tournament of the year in which they meet the specific criteria.

Hall of Fame Criteria:
  • Players
    • Earn three individual national championships, at least one of which is not in the Elementary Division.
      • Perfect scores do not count as championships. Neither do Overall Mathematics, Language Arts, or Social Studies category championships, or titles from the Legends Tournaments.
      • Outstanding Senior Awards do count.
  • Coaches
    • Have coached for at least six years.
    • Be awarded the Outstanding Educator Award.
    • Either have at least two teams earn Sweepstakes championships AND earn 150 points, OR earn 200 points without two Sweepstakes championships. Points are awarded for Elementary Perfect Scores (1 pt), Individual Game Championships (5 pts), Individual Sweepstakes Championships (10 pts), Team Game Championships (10 pts), and Team Sweepstakes Championships (20 pts).
    • Up to four coaches can be listed for each championship title, and points for any of the titles described above will be equally divided among the listed coaches.
  • Teams
    • The Hall of Fame Committee will vote on teams that are nominated by the committee or other individuals that meet these minimum criteria:
      • Three of the five team members must be the same from year to year.
      • Earn at least two team Sweepstakes championships.
      • Earn at least four other team game championships.

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