Watching Your Opponents – I

It’s not always a telltale sign of what to do in a match, but sometimes, just watching your opponents’ reactions can be an indicator of how you should play your turns.

  • If you set a Goal and your opponent doesn’t have to do any calculations or write anything down on his or her paper, it’s an indication that the Goal was too easy, and you need to set something more difficult the next time.

During a shake, pay attention to when and where your opponents are moving cubes.

  • Sometimes, when they’re waiting until the end of their minute and moving to Forbidden, it could mean that they don’t have a Solution.
  • If you’re considering calling Never, it could work out to your advantage if an opponent hasn’t moved to Required or Permitted and hasn’t written anything on his or her paper.
  • Also, if an opponent moves immediately after the previous player, it’s a sign that he or she has a Solution; only challenge Never after careful consideration in this instance.

To be continued …

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