2015 National Tournament Committee

This may seem like we are planning too far ahead, but we have learned from experience that time flies.  We are planning NOW for the 50th Anniversary of the first Academic Games National Tournament, which occurred in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, in the Spring of 1966.  Our 50th Annual National Tournament will be in 2015.  We want to establish a committee NOW to help plan that event.

We are planning to honor returnees from every decade since we began.  That means the 1960?s, 70?s, 80?s, 90?, 2000?s, and 2010?s.  So, it would be great to have folks on the committee who have ?some experience? in their lives.  These folks do not have to be currently active in Academic Games, but it may help.  These could be former players, former coaches, even retired folks.  Or, they could be current coaches or recent graduates.   Of course, we would like to have representatives from all geographic areas currently being served by AGLOA.  That means, Michigan, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, North Carolina, Georgia, Louisiana, Florida, and Massachusetts.

If any of you know folks that might enjoy working on this major event (which is four years off, but time flies), or if you would enjoy being part of this planning yourself, please contact us with some names (with phone numbers and/or email addresses).

We have spent nearly a half century building character, integrity, and academic excellence into hundreds of thousands of students who are now incredible and influential adults.  We want to honor them and to honor our commitment with the type of celebration that they all deserve.

Thanks for any help you can give us.

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