2023 Hall of Fame Inductees

The AGLOA Hall of Fame Committee met in June 2023 to discuss the inclusion of prospective individuals, coaches, or teams that would be inducted into the Academic Games Hall of Fame following the 2023 AGLOA National Tournament. Below are the newest Academic Games Hall of Fame inductees.


One graduate from the Class of 2023 met the qualifying criteria for individuals and was inducted into the Academic Games Hall of Fame.

Tony Varkey (Ann Arbor, MI) was the 2019 Middle Division Propaganda and overall Sweepstakes champion. In his final year of competition, he repeated as the 2023 Senior Division Propaganda and Sweepstakes champion. Also, Tony was selected as a 2023 AGLOA Outstanding Senior for his contributions to his local Academic Games program.


Three coaches were inducted into the Hall of Fame because of their stellar Academic Games careers. Summaries of their coaching titles can be found on the Hall of Fame Coaches page.

Doug Battle (Palm Beach County, FL)
2010 AGLOA Outstanding Educator
Yuxuan Chen (Ann Arbor, MI)
2022 AGLOA Outstanding Educator
Nick Wang (Ann Arbor, MI)
2023 AGLOA Outstanding Educator


This year, four teams were nominated and voted into the Academic Games Hall of Fame. Teams must have at least three consistent members from one year to the next, earn at least two Sweepstakes championships, and earn at least four other game championships. Some of these are teams of players that recently competed at the AGLOA National Tournament, and some of these teams meet the newly modified criteria for teams to be nominated into the Hall of Fame.

  • A team from Ann Arbor, Michigan, that played for five years (2019-2023) collected three Sweepstakes championships and ten titles. The team took first place in LinguiSHTIK each of the three years that they were Sweepstakes champions. Team members included David Lee, Catherine B. Li, Alfredo Meza, Simon Shavit, Jennifer Tang, Alexandra VanLaven, Tony Varkey, and Claire Zhang.
  • One team from Jefferson Parish, Louisiana, made up of Benson Gao, Sania Islam, John Kwon, Snehalata Mondal, Harshita Pattam, Mahir Rahman, and Kiet Thai garnered two Sweepstakes championships in 2017 (Middle Division) and 2019 (Junior Division). They also took home four team titles in four different game competitions at the two separate national tournaments.
  • Another Ann Arbor, Michigan, team was a two-time Sweepstakes winner (2012) and (2014) in the Junior and Senior Divisions, respectively, that also garnered four game titles. Their game titles were in the cube games. The team members included Yuxuan Chen, Luke Cheng, Claire Fishman, Andrew Gitlin, Thierry Laurens, and Shwetha Rajaram.
  • A team from St. Bernard Parish, Louisiana, was the Sweepstakes champions in 2002 (Middle Division) and 2004 (Junior Division). Their team placed first overall in two games each of those two years giving them a title in each of the four games in which they competed. The team included Stephen Brassette, Jeffery Francis, Laura Gillen, Mozahid Haque, Robert Monjure, Amy Pellittieri, and Jack Torres.

View all members of the Academic Games Hall of Fame on our website here.

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