AGazine Help Wanted

AGLOA has been publishing a monthly online magazine called the AGazine for a year and a half. We now want to solicit your help in broadening the coverage of the publication.

Academic games players and coaches have friends in many states thanks to their attendance at nationals. AGazine can serve AGLOA the way a college magazine serves the alumni, faculty, and current students of the university, with articles about what is currently happening at the university, interesting stories of alumni, upcoming events, etc.

Did you know, for example, that …
a former academic games player has won two Academy Awards for graphics animation software he developed for movie productions?
several academic games alumni have been featured on NBC and ABC evening news programs?
a former academic games player is an NBA referee?
a former academic gamer played QB for Duke?

We are looking for news of interest in the areas of:
1. Upcoming schedule of events
2. Results of recent tournaments
3. News/notes about current students and coaches as well as former players and coaches
4. Information of interest/use to other leagues about fundraising methods, ways of recruiting players and new schools, a new way of organizing competition, etc.

Here are some specific ways you can help.
1. Add to your e-mail list when you send out schedules, results, announcements, etc. during your academic games year.
2. Send e-mails when a player or coach earns an honor (it doesn’t have to be as “glamorous” as the ones listed above).
3. Pass on links to web sites with info about current/former players and coaches.
4. Since league directors have full plates already, you can appoint a coach or student to be the correspondent for your league to pass on items of interest.

You can look at the past issues for specific examples of what has been included. (Each issue has a link to the previous issue.) Follow this rule: When in doubt if an item is relevant, send it and let the editor decide what to do with it.

  Welook forward to hearing from you.

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