Charles Stiegler Testimony

The following was contained in a letter from Charles Stiegler (Brother Martin High School ’99), who played Academic Games for five years.


“I have recently graduated from LSU Law School. As I come to the end of my academic career, I found myself thinking […] about my time at Brother Martin.”

“The more I thought about, the more I realized how my time in Academic Games helped me through college and law school. Particularly, my experience with Propaganda prepared me for law school. The same things that help you in Propaganda – paying close attention to the question, making fine distinctions, and above all spotting logical fallacies and inconsistencies – are exactly the kinds of critical thinking skills which are useful in the legal world. […] I hope you pass on this message to your current Academic Games teams – that they are, whether they know it or not, gaining just as valuable knowledge when they try to figure the permutations of an On-Sets Solution as when they study for a test.”


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