Stress Honesty

Academic Games competitions are like real life – sometimes players are tempted to take shortcuts in their honesty. Adults face those choices often in their own businesses and personal dealings. Too many adults in our modern society seem to think it is OK to be dishonest, as long as they benefit and don’t get caught.

  • Players can be tempted to set up signals to one another in reading games, or to take a peek at their opponents’ answer sheets before marking their own answers.
  • Cube game players may also be tempted to look at other players’ solutions before submitting their own.

As coaches, this is a perfect opportunity to capture the hearts and minds of our players by instilling in them the values of honesty and integrity. If they begin to think that shortcuts in honesty are OK at this point in their lives, they may carry that attitude over into their behaviors in adult life. They may begin to believe that dishonesty is OK, and that looking out for themselves at the expense of others is OK.

As Academic Games coaches, we have the incredible opportunity to build good attitudes into our players at these pressure times when they are tempted. We need to take these opportunities to develop good citizens of our future world. We need to talk to our players about doing things the right way. We want to develop not only players of excellence but also adults of character and integrity.


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