Determining Teams

Determining who will be on what team for league play in any game can be difficult when you have more than five players in a division. Competition for the five spots on the “A” team can motivate players to attend practice faithfully and obtain maximum benefit from each session. Some specific suggestions are as follows.

  • Keep track of players’ scores in each game from season to season within a school year and from year to year.
  • Record players’ scores at practice sessions, whether it be the 6-4-2 scores of cubes games or the more open-ended scores for reading games.
  • Create a spreadsheet in which you can enter and total players’ scores for past seasons of a game and for the practice sessions.

You do not automatically have to select the players with the top five scores for your top team. (For example, a player may have shown marked improvement in this year’s practices compared to last year’s results. Or a player may have made good scores in a lower division last year but is not doing as well in practices with higher division teammates this year.) However, the data can provide enlightenment for making the best decisions possible.

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