What Can You Do During the Summer?

An Academic Games coach can utilize the summer months to prepare not only their regular lessons for the next school year but also to improve as a games coach. Here are some ways you can take advantage of (hopefully) extra time during the summer.

  1. Go through the Equations worksheets yourself, doing the exercises and making notes. You can select and put into optimal teaching order the worksheets you want to use with the students.
  2. If your league plays On-Sets, you can do the On-Sets worksheets.
  3. You can update the Presidents notes you give to students. You can also compile a list of useful websites.
  4. If you have purchased the Presidents/Propaganda CD, you can learn more about the programs, especially the feature that allows you to set up a tournament for your players as a way not only of practicing for competition but also for determining who should be on the “A” team.

Note: The worksheets and CD referred to above are available by using the order form from this site.

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