Players Form Their Own Huddle

From “Follow Me,” by Michael Sokolove in Play, February 2006 about Duke basketball coach Mike Kryzyzewski:

After he gives his instructions during a timeout […] his players break away from him and form their own huddle. To talk to one another. Duke players constantly consult with one another on the court without looking to the bench for direction or approval.

A basketball coach not only prepares the players for the next game for days in advance but also instructs them as they play and during timeouts. However, the players must execute on the court. The coach never scores a point or commits a foul.

Academic Games competition does not allow coaching during the rounds. So the analogue of players forming their own huddle is teammates helping each other before the match, both in terms of factual knowledge about the game being played as well as encouragement and constructive criticism to inspire each other to perform better. Some AG teams do huddle right before the round begins to encourage one another.


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