Win Anyway

The South Carolina baseball team that won the 2011 College World Series had a motto: “Win anyway.”

In baseball, the motto refers to overcoming adversities such as injuries, mental and physical errors, bad weather, unlucky bounces, bloop hits by the opposition vs. lineouts by your batters, etc.

Applied to Academic Games, the slogan means basically the same thing. Instead of injuries, substitute “not feeling well” or “not as much experience as my opponent.” Mistakes can put you behind early in the match or round. Instead of pouting or losing the will to win, use adversity to find new resolve and competitiveness. Bad breaks include a roll as Goal-setter that doesn’t produce the cubes needed for a really cool Goal. In a reading game, there may be no question about the president, technique, or sub-category I know best.

Victory is much sweeter when you overcome setbacks.


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