Propaganda: Listen to the Second Reading

Propaganda players should listen to both readings of each example. An approach that may help many players is to do this for each example.

  1. Listen to the first reading attentively.
  2. Form an opinion about what technique is being used in the example. Or, if unable to focus on one answer, narrow it down to two possibilities.
  3. Pay attention to the second reading. After listening to the example all the way through the first time, you may notice something in the repeat reading that didn’t catch your attention the first time.
  4. In most cases, listening a second time will confirm the answer you chose after the first reading. However, once or twice a round, the second reading will bring a different technique into focus.
  5. Mark an answer only after the second reading. Why rush? You get no bonus for answering quickly.

This approach will have the added advantage of reducing the noise level during the second reading so that those players who want to listen to it can hear it.


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