"Rapid Fire" Equations

“Rapid Fire” Equations is a form of the game that allows players to write more Solutions during a practice session. Follow this procedure:

  1. Determine who sets the first Goal, as usual.
  2. The Goal-setter rolls the cubes and each player picks a variation. (The player who is not the Goal-setter in a two-player match picks two in Elementary/Middle/Junior Divisions.)
  3. The Goal-setter sets a Goal.
  4. Instead of moving cubes, each player writes a Solution using any of the Resources.
  5. After a two-minute time-limit, the players reveal their Solutions, starting with the Goal-setter.
  6. Each player who has a correct Solution scores 6. Each player whose Solution is incorrect scores 2.
  7. The player to the left of the previous Goal-setter rolls the cubes and the steps above are repeated.

Note: The techniques described here can also be applied to On-Sets and LinguiSHTIK.

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