Propaganda Guidelines: Repetition

This is the second of a series of Coaching Tips pointing out important distinctions made in the new Propaganda Guide. This one deals with Repetition in Section C.

How often does a word or phrase have to be used to qualify as Repetition? Three times is sufficient provided no other technique of this section prevails.

The “idea” that is repeated could be the company telephone number, the fact that you will save money, an adjective like “free” or “big” (or synonyms for them), and any other word or phrase intended to capture your attention.

Ad: “The Grand Opening Sale at Kirby’s Chevrolet. It’s big, it’s huge, it’s colossal. Hurry on down Saturday!”
This is Repetition because “big,” “huge,” “colossal” repeat the same idea.

Ad: “Mrs. Smith’s Cookies. They’re so delicious you won’t believe they’re made with NutraSweet. Mrs. Smith’s Cookies.”
This is No Technique because the name of the product is used only twice.

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