Sharpening Propaganda Distinctions – Part II

This is a continuation of last month’s tip on helping players understand the difference between similar techniques, especially in a difficult section like Section E.

Here are a set of examples that are paired. Both questions in each pair deal with a common theme.

Section E

  1. Statement in an article critical of the previous mayor: “Since she left office, the economy has improved.”
  2. Statement by a candidate at a political debate: “Since my opponent became mayor, our city has lost over 20,000 jobs.

  1. From October to June when college is in session, the monthly auto accident rate in Kent is much higher than it is for the summer months. It is obvious that students are responsible for the high accident rate.
  2. My friend Joan was in an auto accident caused by a college student. Sam had the same experience. College students are the worst drivers.

  1. I will always remember the Chicago Cubs of 1989. Not only were the Cubbies great that year, but I also fell madly in love with a wonderful girl. I’ll always be grateful to the Cubs for my marriage.
  2. I will always remember the Chicago Cubs of 1989. Not only were the Cubbies great that year, but I also fell madly in love with a wonderful girl. I’m glad the Cubs are doing well again this year because my love life certainly needs a boost.

  1. High school history student: “I’ve noticed an historical trend. Just before World War I, all European nations increased the size of their armies. Then the same thing happened in the years leading up to World War II. Standing armies cause wars.”
  2. “It’s true that standing armies produce wars,” said the professor. “Before every war in history there have been armed soldiers on both sides ready for combat.”

  1. We lost today’s game because we played Giantville last week. If we had played an easier opponent last week, we would have won today.
  2. This year our team has lost every game in which they have been ahead at the half. In the one game they won, they were behind at the half. Today they are behind at the half, so we’ll win.

  1. Fact: Ford Pintos exploded upon impact. Fact: GM put Chevy V-8 engines into their Oldsmobiles and Cadillacs without telling the owners. Fact: Chrysler had to secure Federal government loans to keep from going bankrupt. How can anyone trust American-made cars?
  2. I’ve bought several things advertised on TV and have never yet been satisfied with one of these products. TV ads always lie about their products.

  1. Tompkins in Georgia, Russell in Wyoming, and Miller in California were all lieutenant governors before becoming governor. And they are all rated highly for their performances leading their states. Without knowing anything about the governors of the other states, I can safely say that former lieutenant governors make the best governors.
  2. An ad for Jones, who is running for governor: “She was voted the most effective judge in the state by the Bar Association. Then in the state legislature, she was voted Legislator of the Year. As Lieutenant Governor, she brought more industry to the state than any lieutenant governor in history. Obviously, she will make a great Governor.”

  1. Miami and Florida State belong to the Atlantic Coast Conference, the best in the country. So they will both do well in football this year.
  2. Miami, Florida, and Florida State are among the football elite of the nation. They are a dominating force every year. I’m looking forward to seeing the University of Central Florida play this week. They must be awesome, too.

  1. Mitch has to be the best soccer goalie around here. Sam is last year’s outstanding forward. Together they have heightened everyone’s expectations of competing for the city championship.
  2. We use only the finest ingredients in all our candies to be certain that every box you buy will be the freshest and tastiest that you’ve ever eaten.

  1. Fred’s fraternity does some pretty silly things. I don’t want anything to do with him.
  2. Yes, this makeup is just right for me. It complements my skin tones, highlights my eyes, and helps hide some of my bad facial features. And it is from Revlon, the #1 company in the field. I am going to buy it.

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