Don't Apologize for Being Competitive – Part III

Last month, under the heading of being too competitive, players were warned not to “collude with one opponent to defeat the other opponent.”

What does “collude with one opponent” mean?

  • Agree with one opponent who makes a claim against the third player when you know the claim is not true. For example, you back an opponent who claims a ten-second warning was given to the third player when you know that the warning was not given.
  • Prearrange with an opponent to “gang up” on the third player. For example, you agree that if either you or your co-conspirator is destined to lose the match, you will help the other win by, for example, making a move that makes the Solution impossible. Your ally, forewarned of what you plan, grabs the Challenge block before the third player.
  • Give information to an opponent that helps that player play better. For example, you tell a player the value of the Goal that was set by the third player or give them information that helps them work out the Goal.


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