End of Broward County Academic Games

Another communique from former Tournament Manager Larry Liss
“It is with sadness that I report the demise of the Broward County Academic Games League. When I sent the Nationals announcement to Pat Houchens at her School District email address, it was returned. I called her and learned that Pat had retired to take care of a family member. The Broward District used that event, plus the strangulation of the school district by state budget cuts, to eliminate the program.”

“Broward schools were among the first in the nation to compete in Academic Games events. Indeed, many of the first tournament rules were created at Nova High School in Broward County. Along with Allegheny County (PA), they were one of the first two areas to have an Academic Games League in 1966-67. The first four National Tournaments (1966 through 1969) were held in Fort Lauderdale, FL in Broward County.”

“Yes, in recent years, they were only a shell of a program, though they did produce a National Individual champion this past spring. Yes, it leaves a big hole in my heart.”

The Broward County league consisted of public and private schools at the elementary, middle, and secondary levels. Most recently the league included Fort Lauderdale High School, Indian Ridge Middle School, North Broward Preparatory School, and J. P. Taravella High School.

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