Equations Quiz – January 2020

Even-year variations are played in Elementary and Middle Divisions in 2019-20.
The Elementary Even variations are: Average, Smallest Prime, Percent, and Decimal Point
The Middle Even variations are: Average, Percent, and Decimal Point

  • Elementary/Middle Divisions:

With Decimal Point, list all two-digit numbers that can be placed in the blank in this Goal to give a counting number value (1, 2, 3, …). For each number, give the value of the Goal.


  • Middle/Junior/Senior Divisions:

With Powers of the Base, write a three-cube Solution for this Goal.


  • Senior Division:

With Imaginary, which of these expressions has a default value? If an expression has a default, give the value.

(A) √27     (B) 9^     (C) √9i     (D) 8^(2÷3)

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