Equations Quiz – April 2020

ODD-year variations are played in Elementary and Middle Divisions in 2020-2021.
The Elementary Odd variations are: Two-digit Numerals, LCM, GCF, and Number of Factors
The Middle Odd variations are: Number of Factors, Exponent, and Powers of the Base

Elementary Division

The LCM (Least Common Multiple) variation says:
"√ may represent the least common multiple of two counting numbers."

1. With LCM, give the value(s) of each Goal or write "No value."

(A) 2-4√6     (B) (2÷3)√5     (C) 2√36     (D) 3√8-9

All Divisions

The Number of Factors variation says:
"xA means the number of counting number factors of A, where A is a counting number.
In Elementary Division, A must not be bigger than 200."

2. With Number of Factors, give all values of this Goal.


Junior and Senior Divisions

3. With Base Nine and Powers of the Base, give all INTEGER base 10 values of this Goal.


Senior Division

4. With Log, list all values that can be placed in the blank in this Goal to give an INTEGER result.
For each number in the blank, give the value it produces.

64   ?  

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