Equations Quiz – May 2020

ODD-year variations are played in Elementary and Middle Divisions in 2020-2021.
The Elementary Odd variations are: Two-digit Numerals, LCM, GCF, and Number of Factors
The Middle Odd variations are: Number of Factors, Exponent, and Powers of the Base

Elementary Division

The GCF (Greatest Common Factor) variation says:
“^ (or *) may represent the GCF (greatest common factor) of two whole numbers, provided at least one of them is not 0.”

1. With GCF, give the value(s) of each Goal or write “No values.”

(A) 8^2÷4     (B) 5^3√8     (C) 2√9^3     (D) (0-4)^3

Middle / Junior / Senior Divisions

The Exponent variation says:
"Any numeral on a __ cube may be used as an exponent without being accompanied by an * (or ^) cube. The player selecting this variation fills the blank in the previous sentence with one of the colors red, blue, green, or black."

2. With Red Exponent and Sideways, give all values of this Goal. Both 2’s are red.


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