Equations Quiz – June 2020

ODD-year variations are played in Elementary and Middle Divisions in 2020-2021.
The Elementary Odd variations are: Two-digit Numerals, LCM, GCF, and Number of Factors
The Middle Odd variations are: Number of Factors, Exponent, and Powers of the Base

All Divisions

1. With Sideways and Upside-down, give a three-cube Solution for this Goal.

÷ 70

Middle / Junior / Senior Divisions

The Powers of the Base variation says:
"1 (one) may represent any integral power of ten. (If 1 is used in a two-digit numeral, it stands for 1.) If Base m is also chosen, 1 represents any integral power of m."

2. With Powers of the Base, list all numbers that fill the blank in the following Goal to produce a two-digit integer value. In each case, list the value of 1 that produces the value.

√(1 – ?)

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