LinguiSHTIK Quiz – January 2018

All Divisions: During a shake, Player 3 states a demand and then moves his hand with the black or green cube toward the Demands column on the playing mat. Anticipating the demand, and before the cube touches the mat, Player 2 grabs the challenge block and says “Challenge Now.” What happens next?

(A) The Challenge is valid and includes the demand that was spoken. Player 3 should place the cube in the Demands section and write the demand on the List of Demands Form. Players follow through with the Challenge in the usual way.
(B) The Challenge is not valid because the cube had not touched the mat. Player 2 was the last Mover, so he made an illegal challenge. Player 2 gets -1 and Player 3 continues with his turn. [Note: Player 3 is not obligated to make the stated demand.]

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