On-Sets Quiz – April 2017

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All questions below refer to the Universe above.

  1. All Divisions: Which of these sets contain cards?

(A) B − (R U B’)
(B) (Y U G) − B
(C) B − (R − R’)
(D) G (R − G’)

  1. Middle/Junior/Senior Divisions: Which of these Restrictions remove only the R cards from the Universe above?

(A) R C VC B’
(B) R’ C V C R
(C) R C R’ = V
(D) R C V − R

  1. Junior/Senior Divisions Only: Suppose Blank Card Wild is in force.
    Assuming it uses the cubes correctly, the following Solution is correct for a Goal of 6 if what colors are on the blank card?

(G U Y) − R V

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