On-Sets Quiz – May 2018

  1. All Divisions:

Which sets are always the same as R – B’ for any Universe?

(A) R’ – B
(B) B – R’
(C) R’ B
(D) B R

  1. Middle, Junior, and Senior Divisions:

Classify each statement as True or False.

(A) If a Wild cube is used in both the Restriction and the Set-Name, the writer may indicate what the Wild cube represents in either part of the Solution.
(B) The dealer may put out four cards, stop and mark those on his chart, then put out four more, stop and mark those on his chart, and so on until his Universe is complete.
(C) With the Interchangeable variations, the Solution-writer must indicate in writing each time a cube is used upside down in either the Restriction or Set-Name.
(D) A Mover who is leading in the match calls “Bonus” and moves a cube to Forbidden. Before an opponent calls Illegal Procedure, the Mover plays a second cube to any of the three sections, thereby avoiding the -1 penalty.

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