Presidents Quiz – August 2016

  • The theme for 2016-17 in all divisions is Presidential Firsts.
  • In Junior/Senior, a second theme is Foreign Affairs. Also, Jr/Sr clues for #25-44 may involve U.S. Leaders Group 2: Susan B. Anthony, William Jennings Bryan, Clarence Darrow, Eugene Debs, W.E.B. Du Bois, Huey Long, Gloria Steinem
  • Note: Elementary/Middle Divisions play presidents #25-44 in 2016-17.
1. George Washington
2. John Adams
3. Thomas Jefferson
4. James Madison
5. James Monroe
6. John Quincy Adams
7. Andrew Jackson
8. Martin Van Buren
9. William Henry Harrison
10. John Tyler
11. James Polk
12. Zachary Taylor


I ran for a seat in the House of Representatives against the man who would succeed me in the White House. He and I actually traveled together while campaigning. After I won, some of my constituents said that, had it not been for unusually bad weather on election day, my opponent likely would have won. Instead, I became an important leader in Congress.


13. Millard Fillmore
14. Franklin Pierce
15. James Buchanan
16. Abraham Lincoln
17. Andrew Johnson
18. Ulysses S. Grant
19. Rutherford Hayes
20. James Garfield
21. Chester A. Arthur
22./24. Grover Cleveland
23. Benjamin Harrison


I remain the only man from my native state ever elected president. Born into a well-to-do family, I graduated from Dickinson College where I was a gifted debater and learned the law. A fort just off the coast of Charleston, SC, became nationally known near the end of my presidency.


25. William McKinley
26. Theodore Roosevelt
27. William Taft
28. Woodrow Wilson
29. Warren Harding
30. Calvin Coolidge
31. Herbert Hoover
32. Franklin Roosevelt
33. Harry Truman
34. Dwight Eisenhower


I brought a “New Look” to U.S. national security when I took office. I relied on nuclear weapons to deter Communist aggression or, if necessary, to fight a war. I also used the Central Intelligence Agency to carry out secret actions against governments or leaders that aided Russia in any way. One of the CIA’s programs consisted of U2 spy plane flights over Russia. The policy became exposed when one of the planes, piloted by Gary Powers, was shot down while flying in Soviet Union airspace.


35. John F. Kennedy
36. Lyndon B. Johnson
37. Richard Nixon
38. Gerald Ford
39. Jimmy Carter
40. Ronald Reagan
41. George H.W. Bush
42. Bill Clinton
43. George W. Bush
44. Barack Obama


My foreign policy was dominated by an event that occurred during the first year of my presidency. As a result of my actions after that event, my approval rating rose to 90% – the highest recorded job-approval rating in U.S. presidential history. By the end of my second term, my approval rating had sunk to 22%.



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