Propaganda Quiz – April 2018

The Propaganda sections played in the 2017-2018 tournament year are B, C, D, and F.

Section B
  1. Emotional Terms
  2. Metaphor and Simile
  3. Emphasis
  4. Quotation Out of Context
  5. Abstract Terms
  6. Vagueness
  7. Ambiguity
  8. Shift of Meaning
Restaurant manager making a pitch at a Food Fair: "Our restaurant features elegant dining."
Person attending the Fair: "What makes dining in your restaurant elegant?"
Manager: "You’ll have to stop by and find out."

Section C
  1. Appearance
  2. Manner
  3. Degrees and Titles
  4. Numbers
  5. Status
  6. Repetition
  7. Slogans
  8. Technical Jargon
  9. Sophistical Formula
In a radio ad a man answers the phone: Hello.
Sir, I’m taking a survey. Would you like to participate?
Which airline has the best safety record? Delta.
Which airline has the best on-time record? Delta.
Which airline offers the greatest benefits to its frequent flyers? Delta.
Which airline will you choose for your next trip?
I think you know the answer to that.

Section D
  1. Appeal to Pity
  2. Appeal to Flattery
  3. Appeal to Ridicule
  4. Appeal to Prestige
  5. Appeal to Prejudice
  6. Bargain Appeal
  7. Folksy Appeal
  8. Join the Bandwagon Appeal
  9. Appeal to Practical Consequences
  10. Passing from the Acceptable to the Dubious
The Boy Scout Leader is on a camping outing with his troop. When the group arrives at a narrow river, he says, "Alright, men. We need to wade through the water, which is only knee deep."
Billy, one member of the troop, objects. "That water is dirty and we don’t know what’s in it."
Scoutmaster: "Billy, I’m disappointed in you. I didn’t know you were such a fraidy cat. Maybe you’d better join a Girl Scouts troop."

Section F
  1. Diversion
  2. Disproving a Minor Point
  3. Ad Hominem
  4. Appeal to Ignorance
  5. Leading Question
  6. Complex Question
  7. Inconsequent Argument
  8. Attacking a Straw Man
  9. Victory by Definition
  10. Begging the Question
Smith: "President Trump has set a record for the number of cabinet and staff members he has fired in such a short period of time. There’s FBI Director James Comey, chief strategist Steve Bannon, Secretary of Veteran Affairs David Shulkin, and Security Advisor H. R. McMaster."
Jones: "McMaster wasn’t fired. He resigned. The president hasn’t fired any more people than previous presidents did."

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