Propaganda Quiz – May 2017

The Propaganda sections played in the 2017-2018 tournament year are B, C, D, and F.

Section B
  1. Emotional Terms
  2. Metaphor and Simile
  3. Emphasis
  4. Quotation Out of Context
  5. Abstract Terms
  6. Vagueness
  7. Ambiguity
  8. Shift of Meaning
Ad: “Red Zone is another incredible innovation from the amazing scientists at Ultimate Nutrition. This revolutionary fat burner not only boosts calorie burning but also extends your workouts and increases your power.”

Section C
  1. Appearance
  2. Manner
  3. Degrees and Titles
  4. Numbers
  5. Status
  6. Repetition
  7. Slogans
  8. Technical Jargon
  9. Sophistical Formula
Ad: “Hyaluronic Acid Night Crème from Dermae. Scientifically proven ingredients. Free of parabens, phthalates, and petrolatum. Con comedogenic. Ph Balanced. 100% vegan.”

Section D
  1. Appeal to Pity
  2. Appeal to Flattery
  3. Appeal to Ridicule
  4. Appeal to Prestige
  5. Appeal to Prejudice
  6. Bargain Appeal
  7. Folksy Appeal
  8. Join the Bandwagon Appeal
  9. Appeal to Practical Consequences
  10. Passing from the Acceptable to the Dubious
Businessman talking to a bank loan officer: “If you don’t give me the loan, I will have to declare bankruptcy. I’ll be wiped out.”

Section F
  1. Diversion
  2. Disproving a Minor Point
  3. Ad Hominem
  4. Appeal to Ignorance
  5. Leading Question
  6. Complex Question
  7. Inconsequent Argument
  8. Attacking a Straw Man
  9. Victory by Definition
  10. Begging the Question
Ms. Bauer is an incompetent math teacher. Why, she doesn’t even know how to dress properly. She always wears colors that don’t match.

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