Propaganda Quiz – June 2019

The Propaganda sections played in the 2019-2020 tournament year are A, B, C, and F.

Section A
  1. Prejudice
  2. Academic Detachment
  3. Drawing the Line
  4. Not Drawing the Line
  5. Conservatism, Radicalism, Moderatism
  6. Rationalization
  7. Wishful Thinking
  8. Tabloid Thinking
  9. Causal Oversimplification
  10. Inconceivability
All the president needs to do to stop the flow of illegal immigrants into the country from Mexico is to slap tariffs on the goods that we import from Mexico. That’ll solve the problem pronto.

Section B
  1. Emotional Terms
  2. Metaphor and Simile
  3. Emphasis
  4. Quotation Out of Context
  5. Abstract Terms
  6. Vagueness
  7. Ambiguity
  8. Shift of Meaning
Ad for a high school: “Come to open house at Bigby Academy. Our new gym is the gem of the city!”

Section C
  1. Appearance
  2. Manner
  3. Degrees and Titles
  4. Numbers
  5. Status
  6. Repetition
  7. Slogans
  8. Technical Jargon
  9. Sophistical Formula
Ad for a real estate agency: “My wife and I wanted to sell our house. We contacted a number of agencies before we decided on Greenway Realtors. We were so fortunate to get Ben as our agent. We sold our house for $55,000 over our asking price.”

Section F
  1. Diversion
  2. Disproving a Minor Point
  3. Ad Hominem
  4. Appeal to Ignorance
  5. Leading Question
  6. Complex Question
  7. Inconsequent Argument
  8. Attacking a Straw Man
  9. Victory by Definition
  10. Begging the Question
Prosecuting attorney in his closing remarks to the jury: “The defendant has been convicted of robbery three times. That shows he is an habitual robber. So I ask you to convict him of robbery in this case.”

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