Propaganda Quiz – November 2015

The Propaganda sections played in the 2015-2016 Tournament Year: A B C F

This month’s quiz focuses on two techniques of Section C that are often confused:

3. Degrees and Titles
5. Status

Each one of the following examples is either Degrees and Titles, Status, or No Technique. Answer all the examples before you check the answers.

  1. We can’t let Congress stand by when workers are treated unfairly. TV host Stephen Colbert is doing his part to understand the work farm workers do. Tell Congress to do theirs and pass the AgJobs bill as a step toward comprehensive immigration reform.
  2. Ad: "Vote Dr. Jeffrey Rouse for coroner."
  3. Ad for a candidate for coroner: "Dr. Dwight McKenna is a native Philadelphian with an extensive and exemplary record in public service. He served his country as a surgeon in the United States Army during the Vietnam War, where he achieved the rank of Major."
  4. Comedian Jerry Seinfeld drinks lattes from Starbucks. Shouldn’t you?
  5. 10-time Emmy Award winner Jerry Seinfeld drinks lattes from Starbucks. Shouldn’t you?

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