Registration System FAQ

(This post is only intended for users of the nationals registration system.) 

  1. How can I return to my tournament dashboard?
    1. There are three ways to return to your tournament dashboard:
      1. From the Tournament navigation menu across the top, select Dashboard.
      2. In the ‘breadcrumbs’ just under the navigation menu across the top, e.g.,
        CiviCRM » CiviEvent Dashboard
        click CiviCRM.
      3. In the left sidebar, click CiviCRM.
  2. What is CiviCRM?
    1. CiviCRM = Civic + CRM (Contact Relationship Management). CiviCRM is the ‘framework’ we build the tournament registration system on.
  3. How do I ‘undo’ a selection in a drop-down, like the division for games registration?
    1. There is a little X at the right of most drop-down options. Click the X to clear the selection.
  4. How do I change Participant Role ID from Player to Coach?
    1. Click the X next to Player to remove that selection, then select Coach from the drop-down.
  5. When I think I’m done with registration, how can I check the contacts I’ve registered?
    1. There is a link toward the bottom of your tournament dashboard for you to list/edit contacts already registered for the tournament. You can also reach that link from the Register Contacts for Tournament option under he Tournament navigation menu across the top.
  6. Is there a separate individual form I fill out to identify players only competing as individuals?
    1. No. Once all teams are entered, we automatically take all the players left in each game not on a team and schedule them as individuals.

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