Rules Changes for 2013-14

Equations & On-Sets

  • The Mathematics Rules Committee, composed of six members from five different states, voted to change the penalty for missing a shake from -4 to -2.


  • Rule LT7 now reads as follows:
    The sentence patterns listed under LT 6 are basic forms which do not change with the addition of single word modifiers, phrases, or dependent clauses.
    No structure change occurs by the addition of single word modifiers or phrases; however, the addition of clauses may change the structure of the sentence. (SEE DICTIONARY OF TERMS for more information and examples.)
  • INVERTED has been added to the PATTERNS on the Elementary Order of Play Sheet.
  • LT25 has been clarified:
    Player One, who rolls the cubes and designates the sentence type, may be challenged impossible. If the composition of the resources is such that Player One does not think a solution can be made, regardless of the pattern, structure, or purpose, Player One should call CHALLENGE IMPOSSIBLE instead of a pattern, structure, or purpose. He would be challenging the shake, not a last mover. Players would have one minute to agree or disagree about NO SOLUTION being possible. If no player can write a solution, all players score (0) and proceed to the next shake. A player who disagrees with the IMPOSSIBLE declaration would give a pattern, structure, or purpose, and a word in a solution sentence, using letters from resources. (The time allowed for writing the solution sentence would be a total of 3 minutes which includes the 1 minute for agreeing or disagreeing.) A player who writes a correct solution sentence would score 6.
  • Change S-V-O on all Order of Play Sheets to S-V-DO.


  • The sections for 2013-14 are A, C, D,and F.
  • Players must use a non-erasable pen to mark answers and BOLD or CAUTIOUS. Players may not change an answer or BOLD/CAUTIOUS once it has been marked. An erasure or scratch out of an answer makes the answer automatically wrong. An
    erasure or scratch out of BOLD/CAUTIOUS will be treated as not marking either one.


  • Under the rotation that is already in effect, Elementary/Middle Divisions play Presidents #1-24.
  • The theme for 2013-4 in all divisions is Scandals.
  • In Junior/Senior, a second theme is Vice-Presidents.
  • Also, Jr/Sr clues for #1-24 may involve U.S. Leaders Group 1: Tecumseh, Lucretia Mott, Sojourner Truth, Robert E. Lee, Jefferson Davis, Frederick Douglass, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Clara Barton, and Sitting Bull.
  • Using a non-erasable pen only, each player may circle one and only one answer per question. The answer may be marked only after the second reading of any one of the three clues. WHEN a player answers determines how many points that player receives if correct. Players may not change an answer once it has been marked. An erasure or scratch out makes the answer automatically wrong.

World Events

  • Current Events: 2013 only
  • Theme: America’s Fight for Independence: From Confederation to Republic 1777-1791. Click here for the subtopics.

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