Sample Propaganda Questions: Section B

Below are some samples of Proganda clues used in previous tournaments. Click the button next to each clue to reveal the answer.

Techniques of Language

  1. Emotional Terms
  2. Metaphor and Simile
  3. Emphasis
  4. Quotation Out of Context
  5. Abstract Terms
  6. Vagueness
  7. Ambiguity
  8. Shift of Meaning
  1. Acme Paper Products President: “Our long term commitment is to increased growth.”
    Possible investor: “Does that mean you will expand your plants and cut more forests?”
    President: “Our growth program will expand throughout the decade.”
  2. Company representative to Senator: “This proposed law should cover only ultra-dense metals. By that I mean metals, such as iron, whose atomic weight is 80 or over.”
  3. You’ll love this girl. She’s neither short nor tall, nor fat nor thin; she’s just right.
  4. Man is the highest being on the evolutionary ladder, according to biology. That’s why women are inferior.
  5. Smith took 40 measurements of seven measuring tapes. None of them were exact enough.
  6. Smith: “For Cezanne (a 19th-century French painter) it’s pretty poor, but still it’s a whole lot better than a good many 20th-century French paintings.”
    Jones: “You should have heard Smith rave about that painting. He said that it was ‘a whole lot better than 20th-century French paintings.'”
  7. You students are so hard to handle. You all act like wound-up robots.
  8. Ad: “Blitz is brewed with tender loving care to give you real gusto in a great light beer.”
  9. “But Miss Buxley,” complained Tommy, “you forbade me to CALL Maggie a lying vixen. I just wrote it on the board.”

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