Sample Propaganda Questions: Section D

Below are some samples of Proganda clues used in previous tournaments. Click the button next to each clue to reveal the answer.

Techniques of Exploitation

  1. Appeal to Pity
  2. Appeal to Flattery
  3. Appeal to Ridicule
  4. Appeal to Prestige
  5. Appeal to Prejudice
  6. Bargain Appeal
  7. Folksy Appeal
  8. Join the Bandwagon Appeal
  9. Appeal to Practical Consequences
  10. Passing from the Acceptable to the Dubious
  1. Stay healthy. Take mild exercise every day. Walk whenever possible. Eat balanced meals. Get restful sleep on ‘Nities Sleep-well Mattress.
  2. Please do not withdraw from Korea. With those big, powerful nations around us threatening, our small ill-prepared military doesn’t stand a chance.
  3. As a Vice-President Hubert Humphrey makes a good drugstore clerk.
  4. I cannot see how you can enjoy that piece of music. Why, it was a favorite of Hitler’s.
  5. United States Ambassador to France: “If you do not let us base our nuclear missile sites within your borders, we would be forced to raise the import tax on all the goods we import from your nation.”
  6. But, Mom! I’ve simply got to have those Sassoon jeans! Nobody’s wearing those creepy plain pockets anymore. Everyone will laugh at me. I know they are $20 more, but you’ve got to give in.
  7. Harry Jones is 70, but he’s still full of vim and vigor. You see, Harry is the president of the Tendermoor Mattress Company, makers of the world’s best mattresses. So he sleeps good nights. Every mattress made in our factory is made just like Harry’s. Exactly. We figure if it’s good enough for Harry, it’s good enough for you.
  8. Form letter received through the mail: “Because you are one of our most valued customers, we are sending you for 10 days’ trial a new product we are introducing to the American market. If not satisfied, return after the trial period. If satisfied, kindly send payment.”
  9. Former President Bush says, “Hamburger is 66 cents a pound. Stop-n-Shop’s price is 17 cents per pound less.”
  10. Be the first kid on your block to play the new fun game Spaz!

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