Knoxville Attractions & Restaurants

Looking for something fun to do in Knoxville while on this year’s Nationals trip? Perfect! Here are just a few of the recommended attractions from Visit Knoxville. Women’s Basketball Hall of … Continue →

Traveling to Nationals

Many of us have quite a few memorable stories about traveling to Nationals—meeting the coolest flight attendant ever, getting stuck at the airport for hours, or a turkey hitting the bus. What’s … Continue →

Play to Win – II

Last month’s Coaches Tip discussed aggressive play in reading games. Now we consider cube games. Equations and On-Sets Use the timer on every other player’s turn and especially when opponents … Continue →

Play to Win – I

In athletics, you often hear a team’s performance as “they’re playing not to lose.” That attitude carries over to Academic Games competitions. Playing to win requires playing aggressively. Ultimately, the … Continue →

Learning from Mistakes

At the 2011 AGLOA National Tournament, one of the Elementary/Middle Propaganda examples caused controversy. A number of players and even coaches were upset that the Panel’s Answer was Appeal to … Continue →

Creative Practice Scheduling

If you poll the schools in any Academic Games league, you will find a wide variety of practice schedules. Some teams meet before school. Others meet after school. Still others … Continue →

Drill the Fundamentals – Part II

Athletic coaches talk about stressing the fundamentals: blocking and tackling in football, dribbling and passing in basketball, etc. The same idea applies to Academic Games as well. At every Equations … Continue →